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Technical support technicians have at their disposal today many tools to help them support their users. The top-tier segment of these tools typically includes a remote desktop viewer to allow technicians to view their users’ desktops. This capability is invaluable in helping technicians to understand the problems users are experiencing.

Of the online remote desktop support solutions available in the market, LogMeIn Rescue is the best-of-breed. It features a cutting-edge remote desktop viewer that allows technicians to view and control users’ desktops remotely. This enables technicians to troubleshoot problems first-hand as users experience them.

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Innovative Features of LogMeIn Rescue Remote Desktop Viewer

Rescue is a turnkey remote support solution that offers an array of rich features. It is a cloud-based remote desktop service with on-demand remote support for desktops and mobile devices anywhere in the world. One of its key components is a remote desktop viewer that enables technicians to view users’ desktops and vice versa. Some of the innovative features of this viewer are:

  • Multi-way remote desktop viewer -- In addition to enabling a technician to view a user’s desktop in the Rescue Technician Console, Rescue also allows the user to view the technician’s desktop. This is useful for when the technician needs to demonstrate an action to the user. Moreover, a technician can also recruit other technicians to view and collaborate in an active remote desktop session. This allows for the collective expertise of more than one technician to help troubleshoot problems.
  • Multi-session support -- The Rescue Technician Console allows for multiple simultaneous remote desktop online sessions. Consequently, a technician can effectively start and access more than one active remote desktop viewer session and multitask between them thereby minimizing idle time and improving their productivity.
  • Whiteboarding -- Rescue allows for remote desktop viewing as well as remote computer control. Technicians can use Rescue’s whiteboarding feature to draw on users’ desktops to aid in illustrating explanations and tasks. Rescue also supports remote viewing and control of mobile devices and whiteboarding on device screens through its Click2fix mobile support.

LogMeIn Rescue Remote Desktop Client Increases Productivity

Offered as a cloud service, Rescue enables you to achieve faster ROI and increase the productivity of your support team. With remote access desktop features that include a remote desktop viewer and remote control, technicians can identify and resolve root causes on users’ computers more swiftly and effectively. Increased first call resolution rates allow technicians to handle more support cases leading to increased productivity for the team. Higher resolution rates also lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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