Remote Access Software

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Increase customer satisfaction with remote access software.

When it comes to providing exceptional customer support, remote access software changes everything.

In the past, help desks and call centers have provided customer support over a telephone or chat interface. Customers describe the problem, technicians try to figure out what’s going on, customers execute step-by-step instructions for possible remedies. Typically, this interaction is time-consuming and frustrating for customers and technicians alike.

That all changes with remote access software. By letting customers give permission for technicians to set up a remote connection to their device, remote login software dramatically accelerates the support process and makes the experience frustration-free.

With remote access software, technicians can control and run diagnostics on a device themselves, without asking the user to do anything. They can transfer files, configure devices, troubleshoot issues and resolve problems on their own, enabling them to work more quickly and productively.

When you implement the right remote access software for your support organization, you can count on faster resolution of issues, higher satisfaction among customers and a big boost in productivity for your support technicians.

LogMeIn delivers the industry’s top secure remote access software.

LogMeIn Rescue is the #1 remote access software designed for call centers, help desks and support organizations. Rescue gives support technicians a wealth of tools at their fingertips. With a few clicks, they can connect to any device in the world in as little as 20 seconds, run diagnostics to troubleshoot problems, and resolve issues quickly to get customers and end-users back online.

Rescue is a cloud-based solution – that means there is no upfront capital investment for hardware, software or infrastructure. Rescue scales easily from one to 25,000 licenses or more, making it ideal for enterprise call centers, one-person shops and everything in between. And Rescue is highly secure, with all remote share sessions employing TLS 1.1 transport security and AES-256-bit encryption.

Benefits of remote access tools

LogMeIn’s remote access software offers significant advantages for your support organization. With Rescue, you can:

  • Share a desktop with virtually any PC or Mac device.
  • Use LogMeIn’s mobile device support to connect to tablets and smart phones running iOS, Android, Blackberry and other operating systems.
  • Provide support for virtually any product using Rescue Lens, an interactive video tool that lets technicians see through the eyes of customers or field service techs anytime and anywhere.
  • Offer quick and easy assistance within mobile applications using LogMeIn’s in-app support tools.
  • Reduce costs by increasing first-call resolution, decreasing call handle time and resolving problems remotely rather than sending teams into the field.

Learn more about remote access software from LogMeIn with our free trial.