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Provide remote support with customer service software from LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Rescue is an easy-to-use, customizable customer service software solution that lets you deliver remote technical support across a wide range of platforms.

As the industry’s #1 remote control software, Rescue lets your help desk employees access a customer’s laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device to resolve issues faster and with less confusion and frustration.

IT organizations use LogMeIn’s customer service software for remote computer repair and configuration. When help desk technicians have remote access to a device, they can run diagnostics, check configurations, change settings, transfer files, reinstall software or demonstrate for users how to use a particular application.

But Rescue customer service software is limited to computer repair. Insurance companies use the Rescue Lens feature to process claims – customers can use the camera on their smart phone to share live video with their agent, documenting the damage to a house or car. And manufacturers use customer service software from LogMeIn to diagnose and fix a piece of malfunctioning machinery, frequently avoiding the need to schedule a costly in-person service call.

Customer service software with powerful features and easy-to-use tools

LogMeIn Rescue customer service software is built on innovative technology that delivers a premier remote assistance experience for service agents and customers. Features include:

  • Multi-platform support, enabling agents to use a remote desktop app to connect to PCs and Macs, and providing support for a variety of mobile devices and tablets, including iPad remote desktop support.
  • In-app support, allowing users to get quick and easy assistance when they experience problems within an application.
  • Mobile support, providing customer service software and IT support to more smartphones and mobile devices than any other remote solution.
  • Rescue Lens, a tool that combines interactive video and proprietary Smart Whiteboard technology and lets service agents see exactly what the customer sees using the camera on their smart phone.
  • Unlimited scalability, with customer service software that works equally well in one-person shops and call centers with tens of thousands of agents.
  • Unmatched connectivity, with the ability to connect remotely to any device the world in as little as 20 seconds.

Reduce costs, increase productivity and improve satisfaction with superior customer service software

Customer service software from LogMeIn enables you to:

  • Lower support costs by decreasing cost per incident and avoiding the expense of sending technicians into the field.
  • Improve productivity by reducing call handle time, increasing first call resolution rates and enabling agents to process more requests per day.
  • Heighten customer satisfaction by resolving issues more quickly and enabling customer service agents to access a device and handle service requests themselves rather than trying to give step-by-step instructions to frustrated users.

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