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Resolve problems faster with interactive video support.

Sometimes, problems can only be fixed with interactive video support. Phone, chat and secure remote access solutions certainly have their place -- these support tools are perfectly fine for answering questions, walking a customer through a website, or taking control of a device to diagnose and fix the problem.

But what if the problem isn’t on a device? What if the customer doesn’t have the technical knowledge to actually describe the problem? That’s when interactive video support can help. From spotting a loose connection to identifying parts or fixing a paper jam in the printer, interactive video support can help resolve issues faster and keep customers happy.

When choosing an interactive video support solution, consider the powerful capabilities provided by Rescue Lens, a feature of LogMeIn Rescue.

Innovative interactive video support from LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is the premier solution for providing remote computer online support for a wide range of platforms. With Rescue’s remote access client, your tech support agents can gain remote control of mobile devices and computers anywhere in the world in as little as 20 seconds. With the user’s permission, agents can take control of the device and work with it as if it was in their own hands, running tests and diagnostics, uploading files and drivers and finding and fixing problems.

Rescue Lens is a powerful tool for interactive video support that lets customers use their smart phone or tablet to stream live video back to a support technician. With Rescue Lens, agents can see exactly what the customer sees, which makes for simpler communication and faster resolution of problems. Rescue delivers a clear view of the problem at hand, rather than making agents rely on verbal or written descriptions that are often erroneous or incomplete.

Key features of Rescue’s interactive video support

Interactive video support from LogMeIn Rescue includes:

  • Multi-platform support: Rescue Lens runs on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Smart Whiteboarding: agents can communicate more clearly by annotating on screen; the annotation will stay in place even if the device is moving.
  • Adaptive video quality: streaming with Rescue Lens stays fluid, despite the strength of the Internet connection.
  • VoIP audio: built-in audio makes it easy for customers and agents to stay in contact throughout a support session.
  • Screen capture and video recording: keep a record of all live-stream sessions.

Rescue Lens is fully integrated into LogMeIn Rescue, providing additional features such as mobile application support services, co-browsing and diagnostic tools.

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