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Integration API


Perform administrative tasks

Add or remove new technicians, create technician groups and assign users to tech groups and channels. All within the Rescue API framework.
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Log in from other applications

Leverage Rescue's Integration APIs to allow support technicians to securely log in to Rescue, reducing the effort needed to run multiple applications.
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Integrate with call center applications

Create and send Rescue session pins, pass call-related data from your applications to Rescue, and send Rescue session data back to the call center application for central storage.
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Stay organized

Use Rescue's Reporting APIs to create dashboards on session data, survey results and performance statistics.
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Become a partner

By partnering with LogMeIn, you are establishing a relationship with a true industry leader when it comes to delivering remote support solutions. LogMeIn Rescue has tens of thousands of active customers including some of the world's top companies who rely on our software to help exceed customer expectations when delivering support. You also get access to LogMeIn Rescue's API, which is easy to integrate with as shown by the pre-packaged integrations LogMeIn has built with our existing partners.
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