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Build customer loyalty by providing in-app help.

When users are having problems with a mobile application, getting in-app help can be nearly impossible. Most times, users are forced to abandon the app to seek help through a website FAQ page, via email or chat help, or through phone support. Without access to in-app help, the customer experience is significantly degraded, and that can have a serious effect on customer satisfaction and the sales success of a particular application.

Fortunately, LogMeIn Rescue provides a powerful solution for delivering in-app help for mobile applications. As a leading provider of technology that enables remote assistance programs and support, LogMeIn delivers in-app help technology that can optimize the customer’s mobile support experience, increasing usage and improving customer satisfaction.

LogMeIn Rescue: superior technology for in-app help.

LogMeIn Rescue is a SaaS-based remote support solution that is customizable and easy to use, enabling you to offer remote support for devices on a wide range of platforms.

With Rescue, your technical support personnel can gain remote access to computers, tablets and smartphones, controlling the devices temporarily to find and fix problems faster.

Rescue’s in-app help tools enable users to start a support session directly in an application without needing to leave the app or download anything. With in-app help from Rescue, your technicians can:

  • Co-browse with users to remotely view the device and see problems in real time.
  • Chat with users and maintain conversations throughout the help session.
  • Annotate the screen using whiteboarding and laser pointer functionality to guide users through features and settings with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Access diagnostics and mobile level system information to troubleshoot problems more easily.

With in-app help from Rescue, you can enable quicker diagnosis and resolution, reduce app abandonment levels, and optimize the customer experience with a seamless, intuitive support solution.

Enhance in-app help with industry-leading remote support

In addition to in-app help, LogMeIn Rescue provides powerful and innovative tools for remote support. Features of Rescue’s technology include:

  • Support for multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Blackberry.
  • Interactive video support that lets users live stream video from their smart phone or tablet, allowing tech support agents to see exactly what they’re seeing so they can identify and fix problems faster.
  • A comprehensive set of tools for connecting to a device, analyzing problems, communicating with customers and efficiently resolving issues.

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