Mobile Remote Support Platform

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Win more customers with a superior mobile remote support platform.

As the number of smart phones and tablets continues to grow exponentially, a mobile remote support platform is the key to winning a larger share of the mobile market.

A superior mobile remote support platform enables your agents to provide customers with faster, more accurate technical support. With the right mobile device remote support solution, your support techs can quickly connect to devices and take control of them, troubleshooting and working with devices as if they were in the same room. Mobile remote support lets your agents examine devices, diagnose issues and resolve problems faster than other support methods like phone or chat.

Choosing the right mobile remote support platform is critical. The best platform will provide easy-to-use tools that let your agents quickly connect to devices, run diagnostics, push configurations and apply fixes faster, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of providing support.

When you want a mobile remote support platform that will let you delight customers and compete more effectively, consider the cloud-based, secure remote access software solutions from LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Rescue: the premier mobile remote support platform.

LogMeIn Rescue is the #1 premium support solution, helping companies to provide superior remote customer service and accelerated technical support.

Widely used by companies throughout the mobile market, Rescue’s mobile remote support platform provides access and support to more tablets, smart phones and applications than any other remote support solution.

Rescue also provides solutions for live interactive video support that lets customers stream video from the camera on their mobile device to support agents, and in app help for mobile applications that let users get assistance without leaving the app.

Features of Rescue’s mobile remote support platform

LogMeIn Rescue’s mobile remote support platform lets your agents access mobile devices in seconds and use a variety of state-of-the-art tools to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. Using an intuitive interface, your support technicians can:

  • View all the information they need at a glance.
  • Escalate sessions quickly and easily when necessary.
  • Use remote view features to see the user’s device and remote control features to take control of it.
  • See notifications on an alert bar showing battery, firmware and application issues.
  • Take shortcuts to common setting screens on Android devices with the Quick Nav feature.
  • Improve battery life by pushing optimization settings.
  • Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on or off to diagnose and resolve issues.
  • Send any URL to a device or launch a pre-set URL.

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