iPad Remote Desktop

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Improve iPad support with an iPad remote desktop solution.

iPad remote desktop technology lets support organizations serve iPad users much more easily and cost-effectively.

As customers and employees increasingly use iPads and other mobile devices for both work and personal purposes, the cost of providing support for these devices is steadily increasing. An iPad remote desktop solution addresses this challenge by letting technicians establish a remote connection to a device, taking control of it for a time to diagnose problems and apply fixes.

With remote access tool for iPads, technicians can run tests, transfer files, configure settings and resolve issues much more quickly than with traditional methods of providing technical support. Technicians can even use desktop sharing tools to walk customers through features of the device or to train employees on specific applications.

With software that enables an iPad remote desktop, support organizations can reduce costs, increase productivity, and boost customer satisfaction by improving the quality of support for remote Mac users. The key, of course, is finding the right solution. For a growing number of companies around the world, LogMeIn is the clear winner.

LogMeIn Rescue delivers leading iPad remote desktop technology.

LogMeIn Rescue is an industry-leading remote customer service software solution that makes it easy to establish an iPad remote desktop on devices anywhere in the world. As a SaaS-based solution, Rescue can be deployed quickly and easily with no expenses for software, hardware or infrastructure. And most importantly, Rescue is easy to use and to customize, allowing technicians to work faster and more productively to resolve issues on iPads and other devices.

With Rescue, technicians can establish an iPad remote desktop connection to devices in as little as 20 seconds. All sessions employ TLS 1.1 transport security with AES 256-bit encryption. And Rescue delivers 99.99+% uptime, providing the reliability that professional technicians require.

In addition to iPad remote desktop technology, Rescue also provides mobile device support software that lets technicians connect to iPhones and other mobile devices.

iPad remote desktop software with a rich set of features

LogMeIn rescue lets technicians establish an iPad remote desktop on devices running iOS 6.0+ and provides a comprehensive suite of features for addressing the most common issues faced by iPad users. With Rescue, technicians can:

  • Configure devices by pushing profiles to configure email, passcode requirements, Wi-Fi and network settings, restrictions and web shortcuts.
  • View screenshots taken by users and automatically uploaded to the technician.
  • Co-browse with users on the iPad remote desktop, pushing URLs or using their keyboard to input text into the remote device.
  • Communicate via chat or local notifications that appear as pop-ups on the iPad remote desktop and on the technician’s screen.
  • Use laser pointer and whiteboard technology to demonstrate changes by annotating screenshots or webpages.
  • Use diagnostics to pull system information from the device.

Learn more about iPad remote desktop solutions from LogMeIn Rescue with our free trial.