iOS Remote Access

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iOS remote access technology improves quality and reduces the cost of support.

For organizations providing support to iOS devices, remote assistance software that enables iOS remote access offers remarkable benefits.

With iOS remote access technology, support technicians can connect to any iOS device and work with it as if it was actually in their hands. They can run tests to diagnose problems, check configurations, transfer files, download apps and apply fixes.

Ultimately, remote access to iOS devices lets technicians resolve issues faster. For support organizations, that means lower costs as call handle times decrease and first-call resolution rates go up. For customers and employees, iOS remote access means a more pleasant support experience and allows them to start using their device again sooner.

When looking for technology that allows iOS remote access, ease-of-use and a powerful suite of tools are essential. That’s why so many support organizations are turning to remote help desk software from LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Rescue enables fast iOS remote access.

LogMeIn Rescue is a leading remote access tool that is purpose-built for help desks, call centers and support organizations. Rescue enables technicians to establish iOS remote access quickly and easily, connecting to devices anywhere in the world in as little as 20 seconds. As a cloud-based platform built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, Rescue delivers world-class security and reliability, with a record of uptime exceeding 99.99%.

LogMeIn Rescue supports iOS remote access to devices from a wide selection of manufacturers. With Rescue, technicians can establish a support connection to iOS 7.0+.

Rescue’s tools and features for iOS remote access

With LogMeIn rescue, technicians get an intuitive interface and a rich set of tools for establishing iOS remote access and diagnosing and resolving issues.

  • View screenshots: Users can take a screenshot of any device setting or app and it automatically uploads to the technician.
  • Co-browsing: Using the in-app browser, technicians and users can look at the same browser window together and technicians can push URLs or use their keyboard to input text.
  • Whiteboard and laser pointer: Demonstrate changes by annotating screenshots or web pages.
  • Notifications & Chat: Seamlessly communicate during a session whether through chat or local notifications, which appear as pop-ups. 
  • Device Configuration: Push profiles to configure email, network and Wi-Fi settings, passcode requirements, restrictions, and web-shortcuts.
  • System Information: Pull diagnostic information from the device.

Learn more about iOS remote access technology from LogMeIn with a free trial.