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Ten Things You Must Try in LogMeIn Rescue

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Let us guide you through the 10 most useful features in LogMeIn Rescue.

Drive Customer Experience & Boost Revenues with Next-Gen Customer Support

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Learn how strong customer support can help enhance customer experience and drive customer engagement.

Infographic: Building a Successful Support Team

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Learn how support technicians’ personalities can affect your organization’s customer service.

Infographic: Changing the Face of Customer Support

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Incorporating industry research and trends, this infographic illustrates the steps a support organization should take to meet their changing customer needs.

Infographic: Exceptional Customer Experience – The New Business Differentiator

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Happy, engaged, and loyal customers can help drive revenue – and state-of-the-art technology is the engine.

Infographic: LogMeIn Rescue beats Bomgar: Here's why

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In a third-party comparison of LogMeIn Rescue and Bomgar remote support software by QualiTest, Rescue provides tangible benefits that Bomgar just can’t match.

Infographic: LogMeIn Rescue beats TeamViewer: Here's why

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In a third-party comparison of LogMeIn Rescue and TeamViewer remote support software by QualiTest, Rescue provides tangible benefits that TeamViewer just can’t match.

Infographic: Mobile support - Are your employees getting what they need

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When it comes to supporting mobile devices in the workplace, it all comes down to one thing: employees.

Infographic: One step to transform your support processes

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With customer data scattered across multiple tools and systems, IT representatives spend money and time searching for data that could be spent solving problems.

Infographic: Are You Getting Enough From Your Remote Support Solution?

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When evaluating your team’s current or prospective solution, you need to look at more than just its features and also consider the results you can achieve by using the tool.

Infographic: Seamlessly integrate systems for better support

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In the world of customer support, time is money. Not only do customers expect quick responses, they expect quick resolutions.

Infographic: Mobile Support Is No Longer an Option

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Learn why information technology and technical support organizations shouldn't discount the need to offer services for mobile devices.

Infographic: Remote support - where performance counts

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Today’s enterprises demand remote tech support that’s quick, easy and effective.

Improving Customer Support for Exceptional Customer Experience

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Tips on changing customer expectations and delivering on customer's needs.

Rescue Command Center

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Balance the effectiveness and efficiency of your support from a single interface with Rescue's Command Center

What Matters Most in a Remote Support Solution

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A recent online survey of those using remote support tools found these considerations mattered most.

Buyer's Guide: Guide to Selecting the Right Remote Support Tool

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This Buyer’s Guide describes what to look for to select the right remote support tool for your organization.

Rescue In-App Support: Rescue Your Customers Right Where They Are

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Your customers are using mobile apps, so you'll want to be rescuing them right where they are with Rescue In-App support.

Rescue ServiceNow Integration

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Extend the power of now with the LogMeIn Rescue & ServiceNow integration!

Support just got a whole new set of eyes - Rescue Lens

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Give your services team the power of interactive video to support issues in the physical world using their mobile phone.

Rescue Overview

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Solve everything. Solve problems securely and reliably with Rescue by LogMeIn.

On-Demand Webinar: Best-in-Class Support - Harnessing Technology to Transform the User Experience

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Hear from IDC and how best-in-class organizations are recognizing the importance of shifting from transactional to engaging experiences that build trust and loyalty.

Would You Leave Your Wallet Laying Around? How to Kick-Start Your Organization’s Security Program

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Our in-house security experts discuss how LogMeIn has built and scaled a strong security program from the ground up.

On-Demand Webinar: Mitel + Rescue - Answering the Call for Smarter Support

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Hear from Mitel and Rescue as we uncover how to deliver better customer support.

On-Demand Webinar: Revolutionizing the Claims Process Through Technology

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Understand challenges to successful adoption of new technologies and how to overcome them.

Top Technologies Continuing to Impact Customer Service in 2017

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Learn several key drivers that are forcing change in 2017 that stem from "The Consumerization of B2B Support."

On-Demand Webinar: What We Learned From Motorola

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Theo Koufalias, Global Content Manager for Motorola, shares great insights that are applicable to all organizations as you continue to refine and develop your remote support strategies.

WEBINAR: Choosing the right remote support tool - Security Edition

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Comparing remote support solution features like multi-platform support, file transfer, and desktop sharing is comparing one shiny apple to the next.

On-Demand Webinar: Find Hidden Customer Insights with Surveys

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Discover how to craft surveys and harness this Rescue feature to gather priceless insights into your customers’ and technicians’ experiences.

On-Demand Webinar: More Resolutions in Less Time

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If your organization isn’t “Shifting-Left”, or reaching more resolutions in less time, you may be losing out on efficiency gains and cost-savings, not to mention delivering the best support possible to your end-users.

On-Demand Webinar: Scary Security Flaws and How to Prevent Them

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As security vulnerabilities continue to sneak up on us, it’s imperative that organizations are prepared to combat these potentially scary situations.

A Shift to Remote IT Services Alleviates Support and Help Desk Headaches

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Implementing remote IT support services can bring relief while also improving end user satisfaction and helping lower costs.

LogMeIn wins North American Remote Support Technology Company of the Year

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By demonstrating excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership.

IDC: Transforming the User Experience through Best-in-Class Support

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View the latest IDC research and understand what it take to transform you customer experience.

Mobile Devices: The New Frontier for IT

Investigación | Asistencia remota, Movilidad

How IT organizations can provide robust tech support for both corporate-owned and personal mobile devices.

Overcoming CX Challenges with Remote Support

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The right remote support tool can help businesses overcome obstacles and create a consistent customer experience.

Rescue Architecture Technical Overview

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The architecture behind Rescue provides the right levels of scalability, security, reliability and ease of use.

IDC Report: Support Services as a Competitive Differentiator

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As the number of devices increases and users expect that the time to resolution contracts rapidly, organizations are challenged to deliver uninterrupted access and use of IT devices and applications.

The Importance of Remote Support in a Shift-Left World

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In an effort to deliver effective support, many organizations are beginning to implement a Shift-Left approach in order to better enable their teams to solve complex issues quickly and efficiently.

The State of Customer Success: 2017

Investigación | Atención al cliente

Hot topics in customer support and how to create impactful customer success initiatives that increase adoption across your user-base.

The State of Support Services: 2017

Investigación | Asistencia remota, Atención al cliente

Key trends in support service and how to create a support strategy that empowers your customers- both internally (employees) and externally (end-users).

Endsleigh Insurance: Driving Claims Innovation

Vídeo | Vídeo interactivo

Using Rescue Lens, Endsleigh is able to settle certain claims at initial point of contact.

Hologic: delivering customer support efficiently and successfully

Vídeo | Asistencia remota

With Rescue, Hologic has improved customer satisfaction while saving money.

Make-A-Wish: Support-related savings go back to granting wishes

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Rescue has helped Make-A-Wish and its small IT team save a tremendous amount of money and time.

Rescue Lens | Meet Paula

Vídeo | Vídeo interactivo

Can Rescue Lens help Paula solve her late night printer problems?

Rescue Product Overview

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This video introduces several of Rescue’s key features and the value they provide to Rescue users including.

Rescue + Mobile Product Overview

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Rescue + Mobile allows IT and customer support teams to provide comprehensive, efficient support to not only PCs and Macs, but Android and iOS mobile devices as well.

Zero Motorcycles

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See how Zero Motorcycles is able to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual travel costs (and lost productivity) by no longer sending its expert technicians to make on-site repairs.