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Remote login tools can help transform your customer support organization.

Remote login software offers powerful benefits for customer support. By establishing a remote desktop connection to a user’s device, your support agents can take temporary control of a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet to run diagnostics and resolve issues.

This kind of remote support can dramatically transform your support organization. Remote login lets your agents diagnose problems first hand, rather than relying on descriptions provided over the phone or via chat from non-technical users. With the ability to control the device themselves they can move more quickly, rather than having to relate step-by-step instructions to users who may or may not perform them correctly. Consequently, issues get resolved faster and with less customer frustration. In the end, remote login translates to reduced costs, greater productivity and very happy customers.

LogMeIn Rescue delivers leading remote login software.

When looking for customer support software that enables remote login to user devices, LogMeIn Rescue offers a market-leading solution that is both powerful and easy to use. An intuitive interface is purpose-built for technicians and provides all the features and tools required to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. Agents can transfer files, run diagnostics and connect to devices with a single click.

Rescue's customer support system lets you establish a remote login to any device, anywhere in the world in as little as 20 seconds. Rescue is hosted in multiple data centers to ensure high availability and failover where needed, delivering an historic uptime record of 99.99++%. And Rescue is secure – end-users must give permission for technicians to use each function and all remote login sessions employ TLS 1.1 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption.

Features of LogMeIn’s remote login solution.

LogMeIn Rescues remote login technology provides a rich set of features for delivering superior support.

  • Multi-platform support ensures that agents can use LogMeIn’s remote desktop application to connect to any PC or Mac device, while mobile support features enable technicians to connect to an iPad remote desktop as well as other iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.
  • In-app support means you can provide quick and easy assistance from within mobile applications, rather than requiring customers to leave the app and seek answers via phone, website FAQs or email. With Rescue, you can embed key support features directly into any iOS or Android mobile app.
  • Rescue Lens lets your technicians resolve issues of any kind. By allowing customers to send real-time video to your support agents, Rescue Lens lets agents exactly what the customer sees for faster diagnosis and resolution.
  • Unlimited scalability means you always have all the remote login tools you need, no matter how large or small your organization. With Rescue, you can scale from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more with ease.

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