iOS Remote Support

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Put the leading iOS remote support tool at your fingertips.

When you want to "wow" customers and build loyalty, providing superior remote support is a great place to start.

iOS Remote support can help customers resolve issues fast. Rather than scheduling an in-person visit, superior remote support solution gives your helpdesk employees the tools to resolve issues over the web. With iOS remote access to a user’s device, you can configure settings, take control of a system to resolve a hardware issue or demonstrate features for customers.

To deliver an exceptional customer support experience, LogMeIn Rescue is all you need. As the leading solution, Rescue makes iOS remote support and remote computer access easier, faster and more intuitive than ever.

Key Features.

With a built-in support for iOS devices, Rescue raises the bar for remote assistance software, helping to resolve customer issues faster while lowering your cost per incident.

Features of LogMeIn Rescue iOS remote support include:

  • View screenshots: Users can take a screenshot of any device setting or app and it automatically uploads to the technician.
  • Co-browsing: Using the in-app browser, technicians and users can look at the same browser window together and technicians can push URLs or use their keyboard to input text.
  • Whiteboard and laser pointer: Demonstrate changes by annotating screenshots or web pages.
  • Notifications & Chat: Seamlessly communicate during a session whether through chat or local notifications, which appear as pop-ups. 
  • Device Configuration: Push profiles to configure email, network and Wi-Fi settings, passcode requirements, restrictions, and web-shortcuts.
  • System Information: Pull diagnostic information from the device.

An added feature, Rescue Lens for iOS, takes remote support one step farther and lets you see exactly what the customer sees using the camera on their smart phone. Through interactive video support, you can get a clear picture of the problem whether it’s broken appliance, an auto insurance claim, malfunctioning machinery or the cables connecting desktop to a printer.

Reduce remote support costs and improve customer satisfaction.

LogMeIn Rescue offers a host of benefits for your iOS remote support initiatives. With Rescue you can:

  • Reduce costs by improving first-call resolution, by reducing time per incident and by resolving issues remotely rather than sending technicians into the field.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by helping customers resolve issues faster and by giving agents control over a user’s machine to quickly fix problems or configure settings, rather than painstakingly walking novice users through detailed technical procedures.
  • Increase agent productivity with tools to handle multiple remote support sessions simultaneously.

See for yourself how easy it is to use LogMeIn Rescue. Start your free iOS remote support software trial now.