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Increase customer satisfaction with remote support software.

Customer service software with a remote support connection can be a powerful tool for increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing costs.

When your customer support agents can establish a support connection with a user’s computer or mobile device, they can diagnose and resolve issues far more quickly than through traditional support methods. By temporarily taking control of a user’s device, agents can run diagnostic tools, check on configuration settings, transfer files and drivers, and apply remedies to quickly and easily fix problems. They can also provide remote assistance and training on new software and hardware, walking users through features and demonstrating how to use specific applications.

A remote support connection offers big benefits. When your agents can remote connect to customers easily, they can reduce call handle times by solving problems more quickly. Customer satisfaction rises sharply as issues are resolved on the first call. And productivity of your support organization increases as agents can process more support tickets and handle multiple calls simultaneously.

LogMeIn Rescue: allows remote desktop connections.

When you want remote desktop software that makes it easy to establish a support connection, consider LogMeIn Rescue. As the #1 remote assist software solution, Rescue is easy-to-use and customizable for support teams from one-person shops to enterprise call centers with thousands of users.

Rescue is a cloud-based solution – that means no upfront capital expenses and no software or hardware to maintain. With multi-platform support, Rescue enables you to set up a support connection to PCs and Macs, as well as Android, iOS and Blackberry devices and more.

Rescue’s intuitive interface provides all the tools that agents need to quickly establish a support connection and diagnose and fix problems. Agents can share desktop views with users, get detailed system diagnostics, employ whiteboarding tools, use a chat interface and get detailed session history and notes. Customers have the ability to permit or deny agents access to all functions, to transfer files easily and to stop remote control or disconnect at any time.

Rescue Lens delivers a visual support connection.

LogMeIn’s Rescue Lens is an innovative tool that lets customers use the support connection to send real-time video from their smart phone or mobile device. With the ability to show agents exactly what they’re seeing, customers can communicate problems more easily and technicians can diagnose and fix problems faster. Rescue Lens also offers whiteboarding features that allow agents to draw and annotate on the screen, helping to communicate more clearly and to facilitate faster resolution.

Learn more about LogMeIn’s support connection technology with our free trial.