Rescue Lens

Support just got a whole new set of eyes!

Sometimes you can find the problem by looking at the end user's screen. Sometimes you can find the problem by evaluating a device's diagnostics. Sometimes all it takes is the end user explaining to you what went wrong. But, as every support technician knows, sometimes the problem is as simple as a loose connection, an unplugged plug, a jammed printer, a missing piece of wiring.

Problems like this may be very obvious to everyone after the fact, but they're surprisingly easy to overlook. LogMeIn Rescue, the premier remote support solution for the enterprise helpdesk and customer care center, can now take a look around and quickly find and resolve irksome issues like these.

With Rescue Lens, you'll be able to:

  • Resolve more problems
  • Decrease session time
  • Avoid costly desk-side visits and disruptive walk-ins
  • Reduce costly truck-rolls and expensive returns
  • Increase end-user satisfaction