Remote Computer Access

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Improve customer support with remote access to computer devices.

Nothing simplifies customer support like tools that give you remote access to computer devices, tablets and mobile phones.

Traditional customer support delivered over the phone or via chat can be a difficult task. Customers have to verbally describe their issue rather than showing it, and your support agents have to attempt to diagnose problems and recommend fixes without actually be able to see or manipulate the device.

That all changes with remote login software. With the ability to gain remote access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone, your agents can take control of the customer’s device to see for themselves what the problem is. They can use the support connection to run diagnostics, look at configurations, transfer files, execute fixes or show users how to use certain applications or features of the computer.

When choosing a solution to provide remote access to computer devices, more companies today rely on LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Rescue simplifies secure remote access to computer and mobile devices.

LogMeIn Rescue is the #1 solution for providing remote access to computer and mobile devices for help desks, call centers and other support organizations. Rescue is a cloud-based remote desktop assistant, enabling fast deployment and requiring no capital investment in hardware or software.

LogMeIn Rescue offers multi-platform support, providing remote access to computer and mobile devices from a wide variety of manufacturers and platforms, enabling PC, Mac, iOS and Android remote access.

Rescue’s remote desktop tools are easy to use and purpose-built for technicians. Service agents can perform diagnostics, transfer files and take control with a single click. And with a variety of ways to start a support section and communicate throughout, Rescue makes support easy for end-users, too.

How LogMeIn remote access to a computer works.

When a customer gives permission to a technician for remote access to a computer or device, Rescue automatically downloads a small.exe file to the remote device. This applet is automatically removed when the support session is done. After establishing a connection, LogMeIn’s remote assist software allows customers to permit or deny technicians access to all functions and enables file transfer to the technician. Users can stop remote access to the computer or disconnect at any time.

From a technician console, support agents can use detailed system diagnostics, whiteboard technology and a chat interface with predefined replies, URL push and file transfer.

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