Remote Access Client

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Achieve better service, lower costs with a remote access client.

For help desks and support organizations, a remote access client can help to speed troubleshooting, delight customers and reduce the cost of providing customer service.

A remote access client provides secure remote access software that lets your tech support people connect remotely to a customer’s computer or mobile device. By temporarily taking control of the device, your agents can work with it as if it was sitting on the desk in front of them. Rather than describing complicated procedures to a customer over the phone or via chat help, agents can work with the device themselves to run diagnostics, set configurations, transfer files and apply fixes. Remote access client makes for better, faster troubleshooting – and that makes for more satisfied customers.

When choosing a remote access client solution, it makes sense to go with a cloud-based solution that lets you implement quickly and scale easily. That’s why so many companies worldwide choose LogMeIn Rescue for remote access technology.

LogMeIn Rescue: remote support for organizations large and small

LogMeIn Rescue is an industry-leading, SaaS-based remote access client that is purpose-built for call centers, help desks and support organizations. Customizable and easy to use, Rescue lets you provide premier remote assistance on a wide range of platforms and devices, including PC and Mac computers and iOS, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

With LogMeIn Rescue, you get a remote access client with a full complement of tools and features for troubleshooting and fixing problems with greater speed and less effort. Rescue is fast, letting you connect to devices anywhere in the world in as little as 20 seconds. As a cloud-based solution, Rescue is easy to deploy, with no hardware or infrastructure to purchase and no software to maintain. You can add new technicians with the flip of a switch and quickly grow from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more as needed.

Key features

LogMeIn’s remote access client delivers all the features you need to improve service and light customers.

  • Multi-platform support lets you quickly connect to and troubleshoot virtually any device, using remote control software, whiteboarding, co browse tools, diagnostics and push configurations.
  • In app help tools let you provide support directly within a mobile application, rather than making users leave the app to get the help they need.
  • Rescue Lens provides live interactive video software that lets your agents use the camera on a customer’s mobile phone to see exactly what the customer sees, enabling your remote access client to provide support for virtually any problem.

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