Fuji Xerox

Support-driven satisfaction, from Sydney to Seoul.


Rescue quickly and positively made a major impact on Fuji Xerox’s customer support.

Not only are the customers satisfied with the tool, its ease of use and how quickly we can resolve and diagnose problems, but we also get a high acceptance rate.

Justin Russell
Regional Technical Support Center Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia

After evaluating options, Fuji Xerox chose LogMeIn Rescue. Rescue met all of the company’s remote support requirements and more. This included the ability to record customer sessions, which proved useful for legal, training and coaching purposes. Additionally, Rescue enabled Fuji Xerox to capture customer feedback in real time.


Fuji Xerox Australia has technical support centers in both Sydney and Seoul, South Korea, which offer services to hundreds of thousands of clients across 11 countries. To take its technical support to the next level, the company decided to embrace remote support tools.

  • The company previously used in-house products and WebEx, which failed to satisfy customer expectations.
  • These solutions took a long time to get up and running.
  • The new tool needed to provide language support and be easy for support engineers to navigate.


Rescue quickly and positively made a major impact on Fuji Xerox’s customer support.

  • Remote session usage increased from 0.15 percent to 17 percent in 10 months.
  • The acceptance levels of customers completing surveys went from a 2 percent response rate to 32 percent. The customer satisfaction rate reached 98 percent.
  • Rescue helps Fuji Xerox resolve 95 percent of calls to technical support centers.
  • The company saved $1.5 million in 10 months by using Rescue.