Cardinal Tracking

Shortening support cycles and increasing reliability.


Rescue provided both improved performance and cost savings for Cardinal Tracking.

LogMeIn Rescue is head-and-shoulders above our former remote access solution. It’s easy for our technicians – but more importantly – it’s easy for our remote customers.

Randy Sellers
Client Services Manager, Cardinal Tracking

With more than 400 clients across the U.S. and Canada, Cardinal Tracking offers specialized software solutions for the public safety and parking industries. The company prides itself on exceptional service and support, but its remote support solution was causing problems.

  • The existing remote support solution was unreliable and cumbersome for both operators and customers.
  • Support cycles were longer than necessary, and Cardinal Tracking needed to engage third-party apps for file transfers and other operations.
  • Customers were frequently frustrated by their support experiences.

For a while, Cardinal Tracking assumed its existing remote support solution was as good as could be. Then the company’s support services team signed up for a free trial of LogMeIn Rescue. Rescue quickly proved itself superior to the previous solution, and Cardinal Tracking embraced the offering completely. The new solution was more reliable, easier to use and comprehensive. Rescue eliminated the need for third-party apps, delivering complete support in a single interface.


Rescue provided both improved performance and cost savings for Cardinal Tracking.

  • Rescue’s customer applet reached customers in less than 20 seconds, down from an average of five minutes for the previous solution.
  • The speed and reliability of connections with remote customers improved markedly.
  • Cardinal Tracking’s technicians could now conduct all support-related tasks from a single console, improving efficiency.