Armagh Cash Register

Saving the day, every time.


Since choosing Rescue, Armagh’s support capabilities have improved greatly.

Once, I was at a friend’s house for dinner and had a service request from a customer who was six hours away. I was able to quickly connect from my friend’s laptop and solve the problem in a couple of minutes. The customer never knew I was having dessert and coffee!

Harry Mitchell, Jr
Account Manager, Armagh Cash Register

Armagh Cash Register Ltd. is a distributor of electronic cash registers, point of sale (POS) machines and weighing systems in Toronto, Canada, serving 5,000 widespread customers. After 30 years of service, Armgah needed to upgrade its remote mission-critical support and management.

  • With only six support technicians fielding 100 to 150 calls each week, efficiency was a priority.
  • Armagh needed to provide support at all times and from a single location.
  • Armagh’s customers demand maximum uptime, so first-call resolution was a crucial goal.
  • The first remote support product Armagh tried featured unreliable connections and bulky functionality.

After a frustrating experience with another remote support solution, Armagh turned to LogMeIn’s Rescue. Rescue offers on-demand remote support to Armagh’s systems without pre-installing software. Agents can support multiple systems simultaneously and transfer sessions between technicians without disruption.

Additionally, Armagh deployed LogMeIn Central and Pro to give technicians background access to remote systems, even when these systems were not attended.


Since choosing Rescue, Armagh’s support capabilities have improved greatly.

  • Rescue improved technician efficiency by enabling them to provide quality support away from their desks.
  • Resolution time decreased, allowing support agents more time to improve service levels and customer relationships.
  • Customers loved that Armagh’s agents could solve problems quickly and train end users remotely.
  • With Central and Pro, Armagh’s support providers can remotely monitor, prevent and resolve problems before customers even notice them.