ABS Associates

A better solution for evolving needs.


By using Rescue, ABS’s support team became more efficient and more effective.

Overall, LogMeIn Rescue is a better fit for our support team. We’ve gained a cost- effective, more streamlined solution that addresses all of ABS’s prerequisites.

Eldon Brown
VP of Technology, ABS Associates, Inc

ABS Associates provides outsourced helpdesk, desktop, managed hosting and network support services to a diverse range of mid-to-large size companies. ABS offers first-line technical support for all its clients, and its previous remote solution eventually proved unsatisfactory.

  • The ABS customer service team handled about 1,000 incidents per day, 20 percent of which required remote support.
  • As its client list grew, ABS’ previous solution became cost prohibitive.
  • ABS needed to improve its remote support functionality for more complex use challenges.

After reviewing several remote support options, ABS VP of Technology Eldon Brown signed up for a free trial of LogMeIn Rescue, which he deployed within a few minutes. Before the trial ended, the support team quickly requested permanent access to Rescue. Rescue met all of ABS’ remote support needs, such as flexible queuing options, fast deployment and all-in-one capabilities, costing only one-third as much as the previous solution.


By using Rescue, ABS’s support team became more efficient and more effective./p>

  • With Rescue, ABS agents can establish remote support sessions 30 to 50 percent faster.
  • The support team shaved an average of 30 seconds off each transaction, saving more than 100 minutes every day.
  • Rescue’s streamlined display enables agents to ignore unused features easily.