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Build loyalty with superior Android remote support service.

When Android users have a problem with an app or with their device, providing exceptional Android remote support service can go a long way to increasing customer satisfaction and building greater loyalty.

An Android remote support service uses a secure remote connection to let a technician access the Android device and take control of it to find and fix the problem faster. Rather than relying on a user’s description of a problem provided via phone or chat, an Android remote support service lets technicians observe the problem for themselves. They can configure settings, run diagnostics, transfer files and check system information – and they can do it much more effectively and efficiently, letting them resolve issues faster.

The key to providing superior Android remote support service is choosing the right remote access for android app. That’s where LogMeIn can help. As a leading provider of solutions that simplify how people connect to their colleagues and the world around them, LogMeIn provides a premier Android remote support service in LogMeIn Rescue.

LogMeIn Rescue: a leading solution for Android remote support service

LogMeIn Rescue is a SaaS-based remote customer service platform for PCs, Macs, iOS, Blackberry and Android remote support service. Purpose-built for call centers, help desks and support organizations, Rescue makes remote computer online support easy and cost-effective, providing technicians with all the tools they need to find and fix issues with greater speed and accuracy.

Rescue’s Android remote support service is fast – technicians can connect to virtually any device, anywhere in the world within 20 seconds or less. Rescue is safe, too, with all sessions running over a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection. An enterprise-ready cloud platform helps to deliver historic uptimes of 99.99+%, while a comprehensive set of tools let agents connect to and interact with user devices quickly and easily.

Features of Rescue’s Android remote support service

Features of LogMeIn Rescue’s solution for Android remote support service include:

  • In-application support services that allow users to get help directly within an Android app rather than leaving it to get help via website FAQs, email or phone support.
  • Live interactive video streaming that lets users share video from their smart phone or tablet with support agents who can identify and fix problems faster by seeing exactly what the customer sees.
  • Diagnostic and management features that let agents quickly pull system and software information, manage applications and processes, navigate to common settings, and push web shortcuts to the end-user’s home screen.

Learn more about Android remote support services LogMeIn, and about LogMeIn’s live interactive video software.